Wind carries winged seeds of potential.
Soil, literally being mother nature, accepts the seed and nourishes plants.
Essentially, wind and soil depend on each other,
they have evolved together for incredible harvests.

The relationship of wind and soil can be reflected in mankind as well.
Just as the wind carries thousands of seeds,
man has carried their seed of enlightenment within.
Their words and deeds have inspired the land and the minds of others.
The diversity of people enriched the land, blending the best of various cultures,
and the land became their own home.

HafH is a place where the wind and the soil meet,

where travelers from all over the world are exposed to new experiences, ideas, and culture that are rooted locally.

Open to the public with relaxing, private accommodations,
HafH was built to help travelers and local communities gather imperceptibly,

Creating a sense of belonging for anyone to feel like Home away from Home.