KabuK Style

Privacy Policy

KabuK Style Inc. (hereafter referred to as “KabuK Style”), in order to protect the information of its users (hereafter referred to as “Members”), those willing to become members, and viewers (hereafter collectively referred to as “Users”) of its services (hereafter referred to as “Service”), has established privacy policies concerning their User Data, with which we will comply in an effort to appropriately administer and manage the User Data that we hold.

Users must read our privacy policy carefully before agreeing to it. Those who do not agree may not use our Service.

If the User is a minor, a legal guardian must agree to and acknowledge the terms of our privacy policy on their behalf in order for the User to legally use our Service.

(1)Purpose of Use of Users' User Data

KabuK Style always conducts its business transactions safely and never mishandles User Data of the User when providing its Service. Individual Number (as defined in Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure (hereafter referred to as “the Number Law” and shall apply hereunder)) will be used in accordance with the law.

(2)Limitations of Use

To ensure that Users will clearly understand for what purpose their User Data will be utilized, KabuK Style, when requesting User Data, will specifically state the reason. User Data will only be used for the reasons stated in the Purpose of Use of Users’ User Data clause above.

(3)The Kind of Information We Collect

The User Data (Individual Identification Code) collected by KabuK Style includes the User’s name, address, phone number, Email address, Individual Number, and driver’s license number. Transactions by the User, payment information of the User, records of inquiry made by the User, and other records may be saved in writing, voice record, images, or other digital media.

(4) Information Collection

KabuK Style will only collect User Data it deems necessary to do business in accordance with the law. When collecting User Data, KabuK Style will inform the User and will never acquire User Data via unlawful means. Users' Individual Number will only be collected when it is required by the law.

(5)Properly Securing and Deleting User Data

KabuK Style strives to ensure that User Data is accurate and up-to-date within our scope of use. We ask all Users to inform us of any changes regarding their User Data when necessary. When User Data is no longer deemed necessary or when the storage period, as determined by law, expires, it will be deleted immediately. User Data that is stored on any kind of device or digital media will be erased in such a way as to render it unrecoverable.

(6)Security of User Data

To prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of User Data, KabuK Style takes all necessary and appropriate security precautions on an organizational, personnel, physical, and technical basis.

(7)Supervision of Executive and Outsourcing Contractor

KabuK Style guarantees that all employees that handle User Data have been properly trained and are fully aware of their duties and obligations to safeguard and protect sensitive User Data. KabuK Style has an internal control system in place to provide all of the necessary education, training, and supervisory activities to its employees regarding User Data safety and protocol. When dealing with subcontracted parties, we will sign contracts concerning the protection of User Data, and conduct the necessary supervision to ensure that User Data is safely and appropriately managed. When subcontractors outsource to others, KabuK Style will maintain the same strict adherence to its policies protecting the integrity of User Data as it does when it outsources.

(8)Third-Party Offer Limitations

KabuK Style will not provide User Data to a third-party without proper authorization from the User, except in cases specified by the Cabinet Order to Enforce the Act on the Protection of User Data. If the User is a minor, an adult ward, an individual under curatorship, or an individual under assistance from a guardian who does not have the legal ability to agree to the terms and handling of User Data, KabuK Style will accept consent from their parent or other legal guardian. However, in cases where there is a need to protect the User’s life, body, or property, and obtaining consent from the User is deemed impossible, User Data will be provided as necessary without the need of the User’s consent. Also, Specific User Data (as defined by the Number Law and shall apply hereunder) will never be provided to a third-party with or without the User’s consent, except for cases as determined by the Number Law.。

(9)Notice of Purpose of Use and Publication

KabuK Style will announce and disclose the purpose of using the User Data it requires in advance. If there is a change regarding the purpose of use, we will immediately announce and disclose the details of the change.

(10)Information Disclosure

Regarding the User Data which KabuK Style holds, in the event that a User demands to confirm the purpose of its use, disclose it, correct it, add more information to it, delete it, stop using it, erase it, or stop providing it to third-parties, KabuK Style will inform the User of the necessary procedures. Upon completion of the necessary procedures, KabuK Style will immediately inform the purpose of use, disclose, correct, add, delete, erase, or stop using User Data and cease providing User Data to third-parties (hereafter referred to as “disclosure.”) However, in certain cases, as specified by the Cabinet Order to Enforce the Act on the Protection of User Data, KabuK Style may be unable to comply with the request.

(11)Inquiries about User Data

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about KabuK Style’s privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at info@kabuk.com.

(12)Responding to Leakage of User Data

Should a User’s User Data ever be compromised, KabuK Style will report it to the proper authorities immediately. KabuK Style will also immediately notify the User of the situation to help prevent any further damage and to avoid recurrence of the situation.