What is “HafH”?

We got the name “HafH” from the acronyms of “Home away from Home= Your 2nd home”. It is a completely new kind of community where people share homes, offices, and the area itself. With a fixed subscription, you can stay at anywhere around the world with HafH. Regardless of nationality, human race, sex and religion, we aim to create a community that accepts any kind of people who desire to live in the second (or third) hometown with diversities.

What is “Happli”?

Happli (HafH + Application) is a web application, which is essential in being a part of HafH member.

What is “Neighbor”?

We call the members of HafH Coliving, HafH Traveling (1m), HafH Traveling (10d), HafH Traveling (5d), and HafH Traveling (2d) as a “Neighbor”, hoping all the “Neighbors” to keep in touch as families, friends, and neighbors.

What plans does HafH offer.

You can choose from 6 HafH plans: HafH Coliving, HafH Traveling (1m), HafH Traveling (10d), HafH Traveling (5d), HafH Coworking and HafH Traveling (2d). Since the settlement is done every 1st of the month, the first payment from your credit card will be made on the 1st day of the following month that you registered to a paid plan. You can use the month you registered to a paid plan for free free month


Furthermore, when you need to pause your HafH membership, you can choose Snooze HafH (Free plan). For further details on each plan, see theAbout HafH Plans page.

How to choose home base for HafH CoLiving

It is necessary for those who’ve chosen the HafH Coliving plan to select where their home base will be after the move-in date has been confirmed. As of December 2019, you can choose from any of the following HafH locations to be your Home Base: ① HafH Nagasaki SAI (Nagasaki)、② HafH Nagasaki Garden (Nagasaki)、③ LIRY Minami-Shinagawa (Tokyo)、④ Trendy Tsujido (Kanagawa)、⑤ KL POTHUB (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)、⑥HafH Gold Coast - by the sea - (Gold Coast,Australia)

At your “home base” you have your own room or bed, and until you decide to leave, that room is yours and yours only. For those that want to have their own private room, please select the HafH Coliving plan.

Why do I have to confirm my identity for the HafH Coliving Plan?

As of July 2019, we introduced the identity confirmation system. Those choosing HafH Coliving will need to upload a copy of their passport or Japanese Driver Licence to Happli before moving in to their selected HafH location.

What else can I use for as ID to become a HafH Coliving Neighbor? (HafH Coliving only)

If you do not have a passport or a driver licence, you can provide any of the following: ①a copy of your My Number Card (the side that doesn’t display the actual My Number), or ② a copy of your Certificate of Residence (住民票), without your My Number displayed, together with a copy of your Health Insurance Card.

Please Note: According to the law, the number displayed on your My Number Card is only to be used for procedures relating to social security, etc.

If you choose to upload a picture of your My Number Card, please be sure to only upload the side that does not display your actual My Number. The same applies for you Residence Certificate (住民票). If you accidentally upload one of these documents with your My Number displayed, it will be promptly deleted. For further information, please enquire with Customer Support from the Contact page.

About reservation

Using our exclusive website, it is possible to make a reservation up to ninety (90) days ahead of time in the facility you want to stay in. Members of “HafH Traveling (1m)” can use daily. Members of “HafH Traveling (10d)” can use up to 10 nights per month, 5 nights per month for “HafH Traveling (5d)” members, and 2 nights per month for “HafH Traveling (2d)” members. However, there are some facilities that require HafH Coin in dormitory rooms and private rooms at the time of booking. You can check the required amount of coins of each facility on the booking screen when you’re making a reservation.

How do I pay for my HafH plan?

On the 1st day of each month, the monthly fee of your chosen paid plan will be billed automatically to the credit you registered upon signing up in HafH. You can make reservations and start using your subscription from the day you registered to a paid plan and the first payment will be on the first day of the following month. When you start using your paid plan, please be aware that there is a one time lock-in period of two (2) months in which you cannot cancel subscription/close account or change to a lower plan than the free.

Furthermore, when you change to “Snooze HafH” the no-fee plan to stop billing after subscribing to a paid plan then change to a paid plan again, plan changes will be reflected on the following month.

About Update

Update will be automatically done on a monthly basis. The fee will be settled on every 1st of the month, according to the plan registered. You must complete the change procedure by the end of the previous month when changing the plan.

How is credit card information managed?

Credit card information entered when signing up to become a HafH Neighbor is necessary for HafH to confirm the credit card’s validity and also for account settlement. However, we only use encrypted character strings (tokens) and do not process or retain credit card information directly using our server.

How do I update my credit card details?

You can update your credit card details through Happli. Just go to Change Credit Cardto make the change.

What if I’m not really using HafH and wish to terminate my membership?

First, change your paid plan to Snooze HafH (Free) to stop your credit card being billed. If you would like to completely terminate your membership and erase your account, please head to Contact. If you have just started a paid plan, you can terminate your membership at the end of your first paid month (the month following your first free month).

How do I register for a corporate account?

We are currently considering creating plans to suit corporate and multiple person registration. Those looking to create these types of accounts, please make your enquiry through Contact

How do I make a family account?

We are also looking into creating a plan to suit families! For those interested in doing so, please contact us through Contact

Is there an age limit to use HafH?

As long as you are 18 years or older, you can be a HafH Neighbor (member).

However, for those who are under age and wish to use HafH, you can do so only after providing comprehensive consent from a parent or legal guardian.

What is a HafH Ranking?

HafH Ranking is the measurement of a HafH Neighbor’s degree of contribution to the HafH Community. During the ”Coin-Up Campaign” period (July 16, 2019 to September 30, 2019), a Neighbor’s HafH Ranking will be based on both the number of facilities visited and the number of days stayed at HafH. In case of a tie, Neighbors’ registration dates will also be factored in - meaning the Neighbor who registered earlier will rank higher. We plan to continue coming up with ways to make the travel-as-you-work lifestyle even more interesting! Therefore, after the Coin-Up Campaign has ended, we will review how the HafH Ranking is calculated as needed.

Are there any restrictions on number of nights?

Reservation is available up to 90 days ahead. It is also possible to reserve consecutive nights at the same facility. Although no special restrictions on reservation are established at this point, certain restrictions for better service could be constructed based on future usage situation, etc.

Is it possible to stay at a private room?

Most of the facilities have dormitories (room with multiple beds in the same room or bunk beds) for accommodation. You can use HafH Coin to upgrade to a private room depending on the facility. There are some areas, facilities, and seasons wherein you can stay in a private room even without necessarily using HafH Coin.

Can I reserve a room on the day?

Reservation on the day is accepted until 9:00 PM JST. We cannot accept booking requests after 9:00 PM. In addition, You will receive a confirmation email notifying that your reservation is completed. We recommend that you make a reservation in advance. If there is no email confirmation on or before 12:00 AM on the day, the reservation request will be automatically cancelled.

Is there cancelation fee or other penalties when canceling the reservation?

If the reservation is confirmed, the Cancellation is free of charge until the day before the stay. No show on the day and cancellation on the day will be marked as stayed. If the reservation is unconfirmed, the cancellation is still free on that day.

Can I negotiate directly to the facility without reservation on the day?

Additional fee fixed by each facilities will be incurred when reserving outside Happli.

How do I contact the facility when I have requests or questions?

Customer support is open every day all year round from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM (JST), you could contact customer support instead until the day before staying. In the event of an emergency, please contact the facility directly. Contact information for each facility is listed on the facility’s detail page.

What is HafH Coin?

You can upgrade your room using HafH Coin. The amount of HafH Coins required varies depending on the room type. There are facilities that require coins in some dormitory rooms as well as private rooms. Please confirm required amount of coins of each facility on the booking screen when you’re making a reservation. HafH Coin is HafH’s special perks that cannot be purchased. We are constantly looking to make HafH an ever more convenient service! We’ll come up with even more ways for you to use your HafH Coins, so please watch out for HafH announcements and newsletters.

What if my credit card payment fails?

If an error occurs in the payment with the registered credit card on the 1st day of the month, the service will be temporarily suspended and you will not be able to make new reservations until the payment is settled and approved. Please update to a valid card information in Change Credit Card before the 2nd settlement date on the 7th of the month.

How do I cancel my reservation for Multiple days or change the number of days?

If you have made a reservation for multiple days, it will be considered as a single reservation. Cancellation is free until the day before the scheduled reservation date. If you want to change the schedule date, you need to cancel the reservation first and make a new reservation on the desired date/s again.



If you make a reservation from 1st of June to 6th of June, it’s free to cancel until 31st of May. If you want to change the number of days from 1st of June to 3rd of June, cancel the reservation first on or before 31st of May and make a reservation again with the desired number of days.

What is the new Trial HafH (2d) plan that started from July 2019?

We made this limited time Trial HafH (2d) plan so that you can try HafH and see what all the hype is about! On Trial HafH (2d) you can stay at HafH for two nights per month. HafH Coins cannot be earned on Trial HafH (2d).

Please note Trial HafH (2d) is for a limited time only. We may stop offering this plan or conditions may change without prior notice.

What is the difference between HafH Coliving and HafH Traveling (1m)?

“HafH Traveling (1m)” and “HafH Coliving” are plans that guarantee you a daily stay in facilities of HafH Network. “HafH Coliving” is a plan that guarantees you additional 10 nights at facilities in HafH Network, while at the same time having a fixed-bed at a certain facility.

On the other hand, “HafH Traveling (1m)” does not guarantee you a fixed-bed but provides daily usage of all available rooms of HafH Network. 500 HafH Coins will be granted for both plans.

What is the difference between “HafH Traveling (10d)” and “HafH Traveling (5d)”?

“HafH Traveling (10d)” provides 10 nights at any facilities of HafH Network per month, while “HafH Traveling (5d)” provides 5 nights per month. In addition, 200 HafH Coins is granted for “HafH Traveling (10d)”, however no HafH Coins are granted for “HafH Traveling (5d)”.

Which co-working spaces can I use on the HafH Coworking plan?

HafH Coworking gives you access to the co-working spaces directly run by HafH. As of December 2019, this plan allows you to use the co-working spaces at both HafH Nagasaki SAI and HafH Nagasaki Garden.

What is Snooze HafH (Free)?

It’s the HafH plan that doesn’t cost a monthly fee. We recommend this plan for those needing to pause their paid membership, or for those who are interested in HafH but are not yet ready to start staying at HafH. We still keep you up to date on the latest HafH information even when you’re on the Snooze HafH (Free) plan. For more information on changing from a paid plan to Snooze HafH (Free), please see Changing My Plan on our FAQ page.

Is there any privilege or discount when there are remaining stays that I did not use in HafH Traveling (1m)?

At this point, there will be no change for the monthly payment even if there are remaining days unused for stay. However, we will do our best to keep a fair price and a best price for Neighbors. Further support such as “HafH Coin give away” based on one’s usage history could be updated according to the future situation (conditions).

What if I’ve chosen HafH Traveling (10d) or HafH Traveling (5d) or “HafH Traveling (2d)”, but want to use HafH for more days than are included in my plan?

It is impossible to make a reservation of over 11 nights for HafH Traveling (10d), (over 6 nights in case of HafH Traveling (5d)) and (over 3 nights in case of HafH Traveling (2d)). For further stays, please make a reservation directly to each facility. However, we are in the process of developing a system so that reservations can be made if the plan days are exceeded. Please bear with us as we work out how best to improve our service.

Is it possible to carry over unused “Stay Days” to the next month?

Unused days (Stay Days granted for one mont ) cannot be carried over to the following month. This is a subscription style service in which a fixed amount is paid every month for a specified number of monthly Stay Days. However, HafH Coin may be granted on the basis of past stay/usage records, so in a way, unused days are not completely wasted.

What is there is no room available depending on certain season or area?

In principle, only empty rooms and beds are available for Neighbors. Our service does not guarantee a bed for sure, for always. There certainly will be facilities that are full depending on seasons, but we will provide many choices to be able to recommend you much more facilities. Look forward to our further enlargement!

Where I can change my plan?

You can change your plan from Change Plan page. For HafH members who have used the paid plan for two (2) months or more, you can check the plan type in the "From Next Month" part of the profile screen when you change your plan.

Am I able to make changes to my HafH plan part way through the month?

As our service works on a monthly basis, in principle you are unable to make changes to your plan part way through the month. However, under the following circumstances, you are able to change your plan mid-month and, with the exception of HafH Coliving, it is possible to start staying on your new plan.

① Those on the Snooze HafH (Free) plan who wish to change to a paid plan for the first time. Those who have been on a paid plan once before and then switched to Snooze HafH (Free) are unable to change mid-month.

② Those in the middle of their first free month who would like to upgrade their chosen HafH plan to a HafH plan of a higher value. Please note that you are unable to choose a HafH plan of a lesser value for the first month following your free month.

From when can I change the first registered plan?

Upgrading or changing to higher plan is possible and will be reflected in the following month that you registered to a paid plan but it is only possible to downgrade your plan 2 months after your initial registration to a paid plan.


Example: When you register in April as a “HafH Traveling (1m)“ member :

April: “HafH Coliving “ available for free

May: “HafH Coliving “ available for 82,000 yen

June: “HafH Traveling (10d)” available for 32,000 yen (*only if you had changed the plan into “HafH Traveling (10d)” within the month of May)

When changing from Snooze HafH (Free) to a paid HafH plan, when can I start using the HafH Network?

When selecting a paid HafH plan for the first time, even mid-month, the change will apply to your account immediately. You can make a reservation and start using HafH straight away! In addition, the month that you change from Snooze HafH (Free) to your first paid HafH plan, is free!

However, please keep in mind that you cannot change to a HafH plan of a lesser value in the first paid month following your free month. You can choose any HafH plan you like to be applied to the month following your first paid month.

Can I use changed plan immediately after I change it in the first month of registration?

If you change plan into a paid plan for the first time, change plan can be reflected and use immediately even in the middle of the month. However, if the member changed to another plan again after using the paid plan once, the plan change in the middle of the month is not reflected immediately, and it becomes plan for the next month.

What will happen to my confirmed reservations after changing plans?

In case of downgrading your plan, (eg: changing from HafH Traveling (10d) to HafH Traveling (5d)) the Neighbor must reduce their reservation to fit within the number of days granted in their new plan. On the other hand, in case of upgrading a plan, (eg: HafH Traveling (10d) → HafH Traveling (1m)) all reservations remain valid.

Can I make changes to my HafH Coliving plan and Base Accommodation

“HafH Coliving” plan is necessary to stay in the same location for a minimum of one month, so even if it is free during the month, you cannot change plan or change the location in the middle of the month. After the length of stay exceeds one month, it is possible to change the location in the middle of the month. If the member of “HafH Coliving” wants to change the plan or location, they must edit their profile, and change for a new base. It is necessary to match the date of departure with each facility. Please inform each facility as soon as possible.

How do I get to each facility?

Please refer to each facility’s detail page.

Do all facilities offer co-working space, kitchen, laundry (washing machine・dryer), and bathtub for free?

It depends on each facility. Please refer to each facility’s detail page.

Are there amenities (such as shampoo, towel, tooth brush, slipper)?

It depends on each facility. Please refer to each facility’s detail page.

Is breakfast included for always?

It depends on each facility. Please refer to each facility’s detail page.

If I’m not able to stay on my reserved facility, are my families or friends possible to stay instead of me?

Sorry, the only applicable to the person himself who reserved the facility.

What is the operation hour of customer support?

Customer support is open every day around the year, from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm in Japan time. In the event of an emergency, please contact the facility directly. Contact information of each facility is posted in the facility’s detail page.

Are there pet friendly facilities in the HafH Network?

There are currently no facilities in the HafH Network (including Coliving facilities) that allow Neighbors to bring pets. Please contact individual facilities directly for further information. We will continue to work on being able to meet the diverse needs of HafH Neighbors.

What is co-living?

More open-minded than share-houses, more committing than guest-houses. “Co-living“ is a new share economy term that cherishes the formation of communities through long-term stay. Co-living is a combined version of share house and co-working space, which is a combination of residential space and private space for work. Co-living abroad has facilities including spa and gym, libraries, restaurants and cinema, and the place where you can stay from 1 night as hotels. Co-living emphasizes community the same as co-working space, and events such as jogging, and yoga lessons are held regularly. Participating in the event creates a connection between residents, and thus bringing new projects and businesses within co-living.

Who can be a member?

Sharing economy seems to be gathering attentions from “Minimalists” who do not put value on things, or “Millennial Generation” that generally tend to be rational but also considers community and relationship between others crucial at the same time. However, HafH is there not only for those, but also for a graduated youth who desire to enlarge his/her world for a year, a man/woman who’s out to see a brand new world before getting a new job, a single- parent who’s struggling every day in business, an old couple who are so ready to enjoy long trip after the retirement, and more on. HafH is for any backgrounds, any motivations and any lifestyles. We promise to do our best in truly supportive service for everyone. In addition, we appreciate your opinion and feedback to our service. Please feel free to contact us from Contact for more details and opinion.

How is HafH different from other similar service?

HafH is a Co-living service based on the concept of “working while traveling all over the world“ at a fixed price. By preparing our own managed facility, we will further expand the choices of “travel“ by increasing the number of affiliated facilities while ensuring the living environment. In addition, by using the power of technology, we will pursue the world where we can “work while traveling all over the world“ more comfortably.

What is the difference between own managed facility and partners facilities?

Own managed facility is a facility operated directly by KabuK Style Co., Ltd., the corporate where operates HafH. It contains fixed beds for “HafH Coliving “plan, and as well is the base place for “HafH Coliving”. We promise our Neighbors to keep own managed facilities as the most sophisticated and comfortable places out of all the facilities in the HafH Network.