Diversity in Residence Project Vol.1 ” The birth of diversity from identity”
Diversity in Residence Project Vol.1 ” The birth of diversity from identity”

An on site painting event will be held in co-working space on our 2nd floor. This will be the first time the brothers have held such an event. There will be a ‘meet the artists’ talk after the event, and this will also be free.

Kabuk Style Inc. (Representatives Kenji Sunada and Ryo Osera) has launched the monthly co-living service “HafH” (standing for ‘Home Away From Home’) in order to create a society that encourages diversity.  This new project ” Diversity in Residence” provides an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with people you would not normally come across in a smaller city.


Our first guests Co-living with artist twin brothers

You can feel their individual styles as they bring their creations to life during the daytime “live painting session’.

You will also see and enjoy their ideas and artistic lifestyle while at the same time immersing yourself in the world that is co-living.  There is no entrance fee for the live painting event (drink orders placed at the cafe is recommended) and as a bonus you can get a discount if you bring a flyer to reception or book via phone.


The HafH Diversity in Residence project will be held on 18th (Mon)24th (Sun) March. We are holding a meet the artists talk session at 1PM on the last day. Let’s join in and experience “co-living with these wonderful artists.”



  • HafH Diversity in Residence Project



・artist: twin brothers painting right in front of you

you can enjoy chatting with them during the entire event.

・enjoy the Co-living experience with them at the night

Meet and exchange ideas with people you would not normally meet

Talk session at 1PM on 24th March


【Event period】

18th (Mon), March24(Sun), March, 2019

We are holding a talk session on Final day.

Here is the details



HafH Nagasaki SAI

5-21 Furukawa-machi, Nagasaki, Japan


【Painting times】

9AM12PM / 2PM5PM (They might be out)



【Entrance fee】

For the duration of the event there will be no entrance fee. (500yen/hour 2000yen/day for normal days)

2nd floor is furnished with outdoor chairs and a tent, and there is a continuous relaxing sounds of the forest soundtrack to enhance the mood.

We offer you our special coffee at cafe at 1st floor.

HafH Nagasaki SAI


【Price to stay】

We have special offer “Otameshi HafH” (one night stay) this will start at 3,000 yen (normal price is 3,500 yen) by booking via phone or bringing a flyer to our reception.

We hope you come to experience and enjoy our unique facility.


Guest artists


Kenki Tsujimoto

Elder brother Nagasaki

Winner of the Nagasaki prefecture exhibition Noguchi Yataro award when he was only 18. He is based in Nagasaki city, where he grew up. His artworks are in the motif of flower or portraits with his own unique palette of quiet colors.


Kohki Tsujimoto

Younger brother   Tokyo

Graduated from Tama art university.  He paints auspicious animals in story line. He continuously challenges the possibilities of Japanese art painting through his vivid color schemes.



  • For people who practice social “diversity”  

HafH will conduct “Diversity in Residence”  to better understand them through the world of “co-living.”

We would like many people to utilize our expanding HafH network. We welcome you and hope that you join our network to meet, exchange ideas and co-live with your friend to be.

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HafH is open to everyone, travelers and local communities alike, allowing people to meet and exchange ideas. Our mission is to create a modern day “DEJIMA” in order to facilitate the mixing of cultures.


  • Business presentation party for media and stakeholders will be held for the first time in Tokyo (Roppongi) on 19th (Tuesday) 7:30PM.  We offer warm and friendly welcome the general public.

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