A little Christmas gift from us to our Neighbors (members)! HafH Coin Present Campaign!
A little Christmas gift from us to our Neighbors (members)! HafH Coin Present Campaign!

We want to say a big thank you to our wonderful Neighbors for being a part of our HafH Community!

As a token of our appreciation, we’ve decided to gift Neighbors with a little Christmas present!

HafH has different plans to suit the individual needs of our Neighbors.

We will be gifting Neighbors with HafH Coins to reimburse unused stay days that would normally just disappear!

*Read below for more information!

〇What are HafH Coins?

By using HafH Coins, you can upgrade from a dormitory bed to a private room! The best part is that HafH Coins don’t expire, so you can carry them over into the next month, and so on!

Private room at HafH Nagasaki SAI
You can upgrade to stay in a private room for 100 HafH Coins

So who are the receivers of this little Christmas gift?
All Neighbors who joined HafH by November 30th, 2019 and who have not cancelled their membership before the HafH Coin campaign takes place on Christmas Day (December 25th).

Unused Stay Days: The amount of unused stay days will be calculated from your first paid month with HafH until November 30th, 2019! Of course, this calculation will only include the number of days in your plan that you were not able to use.

**As December is not yet over, the HafH Coins presented for unused days in December will be gifted from January.

We will continue to come up with more ways to offset the loss of unused HafH stay days in the future!

We hope that you continue to enjoy your life with HafH!